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New Song ” Sige Na” of Asian band ” Not Informed” now in MYX Philippines this March

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Not Informed,  who described themselves as  Original rockers from Taft Avenue,  will release their controversial single ” Sige Na” this March 16, 2018, on MYX Philippines.

New Song ” Sige Na” (Sayang ka) speaks of New Generation of Women addicted to the social media lifestyle, and women who tend to focus on their superficial looks and their attractiveness to get what they want. Some women get men hooked on their attractiveness and materialistic lifestyle, and innocent young men fall as helpless prey.

The band vocalist Junno Panis wants to get things in perspective and wants to offer music and lyrics that speak to the current times.  The song ” Sige Na” offers a  new way of looking at things, and the simple but straight to the point lyrics will make the listener reflect on the message.

” Sige Na” is simple yet goes straight to the point, and stresses on how we can uncomplicate life. There are so many fantastic things we could be celebrating right now, and there is no need to get hooked on the material- life can be lived without the stress and the fuss. If men and women can learn to embrace who they are and just let their guard down and just celebrate life, then true beauty would be experienced.  Not Informed gives you a much- needed break from it all. From the ” instagrammable” life and materialistic way of living and portraying our lives on the internet.

While looks are important and the technological world we are living in right now offers different ways to create a new reality for women who put in their selfies online for men to see. It does not necessarily speak about the truth.  The songwriter Junno Panis wrote from experience and recorded, mixed and mastered “Sige Na” at the Tower of Doom.   The band collaborated with Ardy Clavio of 25th Media Productions for the music video.

The band Not Informed is reminiscent of feel-good OPM rock bands that dominated the 90’s, the band infused the modern elements of lyrics creation and infused it with nostalgic musical beats.  Listening to the band makes you happy, and reminds you of a time where everything was simple.

Not Informed is willing to explore,  and feel through their way in the music industry. In the end, it’s about realizing that music is a real part of your life. The group continued to reinvent their band, their style, and their music and each year they kept on improving. From the EP ‘ Our Time” to the latest single ” Sige Na”  the band is steadfast on improving their craft as they go.

Their previous albums have amassed a steady following over the years, as a loyal group of fans continues to watch their music grow. Not Informed gives you the familiar feels- and just gives you a reason to take a break while listening to feel good music.

” Sige Na”, will have its debut on MYX Philippines on March 16, 2018, under Warner Philippines. The song is already Watch out for the song on Jam 88.3 and its official release on Spotify, Youtube, and iTunes on March 16.




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