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Why Internet Data is now more Important than Oil?

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Most of us grew up watching the news regarding the value of oil, for the past decade’s Oil has been such an important commodity that countries like the United States had to invent different types of war, just to get hold of it in other nations.

However, a new and much more important commodity has arrived, it is one of the most important industry as of today and is now without a doubt more important than oil. The biggest and fastest growing companies are now digital giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft- currently, they are the biggest and most valuable firms in the world with profits that go as high as $25  billion in the first quarter of 2017. People can now hardly live without Google, almost everything and anything we need to know can be found on Google, while Amazon remains one of the best selling one-day delivery service that is accessible to us. The biggest media companies are now Facebook and even Instagram and Twitter is getting a large share of the information economy. We are now officially living in the data economy.

Because of this data is expected to be more expensive in the coming years, in the future humans would use self-driving cars and the world will be led by AI robots and a lot of companies who have not considered themselves as a digital marketing company would find themselves doing so.

Today,  the more data you accumulate, the more websites and apps and platforms that a company has the stronger they become globally. To rank very high on google for a simple website, can now transform into an amazing power. This is why people and companies who have taken the time to improve their website and ways of collecting data start to gather more power and people who take the time to collect audience, viewers and make proper use of the internet to influence people can now have a huge impact on how people would think and act.

Oil is a limited resource, and it is also the major cause of global warming and other war issues of different countries. Which is why the likes of Elon Musk have worked so hard to tap other renewable and safer sources of energy. While data on the other hand if analyzed and used correctly can be lucrative in a number of ways. It can also be potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands that are why the people using it need to be informed in ways they can use it for the better and ways how they can protect themselves from possible misuse of data.

Data will usher in the new AI consciousness and what humans have inputted online, and what texts and research that has been piled over the internet would the one that would be quantified by AI robots and would largely dictate where we will be in the coming years. When companies know how to make sense of data they can do wonders with it, for instance, filmmakers who want to succeed and profit through their films can use the power of data to determine what people will view the most. Data placed on websites, reviews, and information that are searched online will also dictate how people will perceive a certain issue. It would be safe to say then that the number of writers you have and the more websites and platforms you have in the future- the stronger and more influential you will be.








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