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How Filipinos make money online with their websites

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See how Filipinos make money online or on the Internet. It’s not a new source of income for some Filipinos. In fact, there are hundreds of Filipino entrepreneurs that earn thousands of dollars each month for one decade now. The source is: WEBSITES.

Make money online

Websites make money online. One example that we can disclose publicly is the website IMARK Philippines started optimizing and monitoring this website in May 2017 with no ranking on Alexa and with zero earnings in Google AdSense. It’s just half a year of managing its onpage and offpage SEO on a daily basis, but the website is now valued at approximately ₱500,000 in the international marketplace for domains and websites. It’s just half a year, and the site now ranks on top 8,000,000 globally and on top 100,000 in the Philippines. In addition, it’s earning an undisclosed amount of dollars in AdSense, amount too high and more than enough to pay the website’s annual maintenance fee over the next 10 years.

Site is getting organic traffic, meaning there’s no hard sell. Site owner writes tidbits of info, and info is automatically picked up by other websites until it goes viral and until the site appears on Google search results. No ads on social media. No ads on search engines. People find the website from the search results related to the posts of the website, and when people click on the site, the site gets inquiries from visitors leading to sales.

Target market is responding with inquiries, 60% of which turn into sales. ORGANIC TRAFFIC is what we need. You write once and Google keeps it in the results. The older it gets, authority points go up moving its rank higher, resulting in more visits, leads, inquiries, and eventually, sales.

The website owner invested only ₱12,000 for the website, design, layout, and toiled each day to provide daily content.

One of the companies that partnered with has received inquiries from Hong Kong and China visitors that led to actual sales of online software.

From zero worth to ₱500,000, the owner never thought that one day a website she was working on will rank this high globally and locally that she can now sell it like a piece of land. Now, this is why a website is an investment!

But this site would have never ranked on top this fast if the owner wasn’t writing about company reviews, press releases, product reviews, service reviews, tips and recommendations for locals and foreign expats in Metro Manila, and many other articles about a wide range of topics. Without applying for Google AdSense, this site would have never earned a single buck.

Here are other small businesses, local brands, and corporate websites that IMARK Philippines optimizes and monitors on a daily basis. But because of the nature of their business, owners request for nondisclosure of some sensitive data such as domains and keywords. We formally received permission to use their figures, ranking, and industry categories for comparison purposes only.

Make Money Online with Real Estate Websites

When IMARK International started offering its products and services to Filipino entrepreneurs through IMARK Philippines in January 2017, real estate brokers were the first to buy the cheapest websites ranging from ₱7,000 to ₱16,000 in its promo offer in the first quarter.

We continue supporting more than 30 of them on a monthly basis in terms of PPC and SEO, but we’re taking only two Filipino real estate brokers as subjects of our case studies. These two sites both make money online. From these two, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of PPC and SEO campaigns.

Strategies of the Real Estate Broker from Makati City selling condominium units

Because of additional features or add-ons requested, his website’s overall cost reached ₱18,000 from the basic package amounting to ₱7,000. The website was initially set up as a listing of select condominiums, but our SEO team advised him to widen his reach so the website would gain authority in selling condominiums in the future and to make money online as well. He thumbed down the suggestion, and instead he purchased an order from our PPC Team to advertise his website on search results via Google AdWords.

No SEO campaigns for 3 months. The PPC Team proposed the monthly budget of ₱250,000 but it was thumbed down, and instead both parties agreed with a monthly budget of ₱50,000 for a 3-month campaign. PPC campaigns were successful, but not very successful in IMARK standards. He got inquiries and turned them into sales, but it wasn’t as many inquiries and sales as other real estate websites with a minimum monthly budget of ₱250,000. Regardless, he was able to earn more than the amount he paid for PPC campaigns.

After 3 months, our SEO Team ran campaigns for his website while the PPC Team was still advertising on Google search results. In 3 months, the results were pretty bare. Pages were indexed, and mostly showing up from page 4 to page 7. SEO campaigns were continued on a monthly basis and in September (exactly the 6th month from the date of running SEO campaigns), all pages were showing up on either first page or second page of the results.

It was pretty exciting when 70% of inquiries in October were from organic search, from search results. Inquiries from landing pages used for Google Ads were only about 30% of the total inquiries in October. He decided to continue running PPC campaigns until December, and beginning next year he’ll focus on SEO campaigns as well as adding more reviews of condo units in Makati, as suggested by the SEO Team.

Strategies of the Real Estate Broker from Taguig City selling house and lot in Metro Manila

This real estate broker has been selling house and lot on Facebook using Facebook Ads and several Facebook Business Pages. IMARK Philippines built a website for her to sell properties in Parañaque and to make money online. Our SEO Team suggested to demographically target her customers, and she approved the strategy. The first website sold big properties, after which she invested in building other websites for her target cities. In November, she owns a total of 18 websites targeting the 17 cities of Metro Manila and 1 main website for her team.

No PPC campaigns. Only SEO campaigns. 100% of the inquiries come from organic search, specifically from the first page and the second page of Google results. But this wasn’t done successfully in the blink of an eye. It took the SEO Team months and months of proper optimization of her websites both onpage and offpage. And in November she informed the team that all expenses since January were covered by the results, the return on investment. All SEO campaigns were scheduled to be ceased in December because all major pages targeting major keywords are showing up on the first and the second page of Google results.


Make Money Online with Blogging Sites

Just like, all active blogs maintained by IMARK Philippines are ranking on top globally and locally. And it’s not just the ranking that makes these bloggers too happy and proud of themselves. It’s about earnings from Google AdSense! They all make money online.

The more articles they write, the more pages their websites produce, the more pages show up on search results, the more visits come to their sites, the more visitors click on the ads on their sites, then the higher amount they earn in Google AdSense. Below are some of the blogs we are proud to share with, and with permission from the website owners.


Alexa Global Ranking Alexa Philippines Ranking

Avg. Monthly Google AdSense Earnings

Filipino Masseurs




Philippine Ecommerce News




Philippine Real Estate Reviews




Philippines Tourism





Ecommerce Websites

IMARK Philippines started developing ecommerce websites in July 2017 with each website costing as low as ₱30,000 using WooCommerce for WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, BigCommerce, 3dcart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Ecwid, Weebly, and Blogger. This small investment is nothing compared to the ROI of the website, which usually earns a minimum net income of ₱50,000 a month.

Ecommerce website owners are either selling their own products on their sites or running drop shipping business where they sell products controlled by other companies, distributors, or manufacturers. It’s how they make money online. Some of them are partnering with other sellers to be affiliates and resellers of other products. An ecommerce website is not limited to only one source of income. It can sell ads of products from other companies, it can advertise products from Google Ads, and it can promote products through blogging, reviews, and press releases.


Make Money Online with Press Release (PR Websites)

PR websites that target various companies or brands, products and services, personalities or celebrities, politicians, and events make huge amount of money. IMARK Philippines is known in the local business community as a premier builder of PR sites for different networks. IMARK’s mastery in terms of building PR sites and connecting them to various networks strategically is undisputed. Techniques are systematically structured in a natural manner to avoid conflicts with Google Webmaster Guidelines and to ensure that all press releases or news stories and articles are distributed properly.

IMARK Philippines is serving networks of PR sites. Each network has hundreds of connections where a press release or news is spread across the network through member websites causing the press release or news to go viral on the Internet while it’s getting picked up by other PR sites, blogs, and news portals. Eventually, all these blogs will make money online.

How a PR website earns

Companies, brands, personalities, and events never launch their new products and services without informing the world at least one week prior to the event, public launching, or official promotion and introduction to different communities and the world. These companies and personalities are the clients that pay for articles or news about their products and services.

A newly-created PR website usually earns from ₱2,000 to ₱10,000 for every story. Old PR sites with higher global and local ranking and higher visits measured by Google Analytics can charge as much as ₱30,000 for every story or article about the products and services. It all depends on the global reach of the PR site. Pricing also depends on the global reach of all PR sites within the network.

In addition to the payments from clients, PR sites also earn from Google AdSense and banner ads or ad spots they offer to other companies or brands and service providers. It’s how they make money online.


Website is an investment in the Philippines

Having a website is like owning a real estate property. You make it beautiful with good designs and content, and you’ll get a lot of visitors coming back to your site regularly. This will entice online marketing experts to advertise on your website, and promote their products and services to your visitors. It’s how you start to make money online.

Your cars and gadgets depreciate quickly, but a website never does. Every end of the month, the worth or value of a website is always measured in terms of its age and number of posts as well as number of visitors, global ranking, local ranking, and other factors. The older the website gets, the higher authority points it earns, which means that an old website with many articles, reviews, tips and recommendations, news, blogs, and tidbits of information are important on the Internet.

When new websites are created in the future and use your website as their reference, your site automatically earns authority points from Google making your rank higher, which will lead to more visits, more inquiries, and more sales if you’re selling something.

It takes time for a website to grow bigger and to earn more money. It requires strategies on how to accumulate more visits. But when it is properly positioned, the money easily comes in. It’s been a passive income for many Filipino entrepreneurs. The more websites, the more sources of income. Take action now. Spend a few pesos for a site, and start blogging, reviewing, promoting, and earning. Start to make money online.


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