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Get Flowers Delivered Right At Your Doorstep This Coming Valentine’s Day!

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The Long-standing Issue

With Manila’s crazy traffic, it is almost next to impossible for anyone to get errands done on time if ever we can have anything done at all.

I’m guessing that was one of the big factors that paved the way for COD app platforms like Lazada or Shopee to suddenly dominate. With a fast-paced life here in the Metro, people are constantly looking for a more reliable and convenient way of getting their groceries, and other shopping needs met.

And with the upcoming Valentine’s day looming in, there’s this ever long queue that awaits us on almost every flower shop out there; and coincidentally that isn’t all the trouble we encounter — we also get to be greeted with hour-long traffic congestion that makes it almost impossible to get to where we wanna be. So, how do we get that perfect flower bouquet sent out?

Lucky for us, we got Linea Fiori, Manila’s premier florist to partner up with the up and coming delivery app (WeeXpress) for this coming Valentine’s Day. Just last week, a deal was struck and Linea Fiori, in its aim to continuously deliver the best in the last thirty years. Has now adopted the rising courier solution.

More details were given by Mr. Edwin D. Reyes, the CEO and President of Linea Fiori Inc., One of which is an active online competition to get a chance at winning worth Php 1500 of roses. All they had to do is follow the mechanics set (you can read and grab this chance by going thru their official FB page).

So for this coming Valentine’s Day, whether it be red roses or tulips, make sure to check Linea Fiori out. After all, they have a wide selection of local Holland variety roses that includes the most sought after varieties of flowers there is. Oh, and the best part? You can also include chocolates and plush toy freebies for every minimum purchase spend.

Sweet deal right? Well, if you wanna learn more, visit WeeXpress, and Linea Fiori Inc., official FB page or reach them through 9854607 or 0919 2988644.

Don’t wait till supply ends, go and check them out now!

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