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Engineers are now developing Robot Farmers

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Farmers can expect to work with AI robots soon, engineers are already creating high-end miniature robots that can help farmers harvest crops and apply pesticides. The AI robots can provide just the right amount of pesticide that plants need, they can avoid excessive pesticide use and they can also ease the growing shortage of farmers in the world.

The technology or AI robot farmers would be made available in the year 2020. But it is predicted that it might even arrive earlier and even countries like the Philipines who has a strong agricultural background will be interested in getting AI farmers to cut down cost.

As a result, AI the Philippines is keen on discussing tech literacy programs, the AI Philippines group is in partnership with IMARK Philippines in providing AI software in the Philippines.

The new technology will work faster and would have 99% accuracy. Farmers who have been reliant on pesticides can cut down the time of work and since it is accurate it will provide a better balance between plants and pesticides.  AI robots can also boost the quality of the crops being picked. AI robots will be programmed to pick only quality and ready crops depending on maturity and ripeness, which will cut down the number of wasted food. AI robots would be able to identify which types of crops are ripe for picking. Engineers are now developing laser weeding, droplet application where only 100% chemical goes to the target leaf.

Start-ups are expected to be more intuitive when it comes to promoting AI robot farmers.

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