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BCCP’s CEO Series: “Farm to Boardroom Table – Lessons from a Self-Made CEO”

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Last August 15, 2018, as a part of the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines’ CEO Series, Mr. Michael Maranan imparted his very own Rags to Riches success story entitled: Farm to Boardroom Table – Lessons from a Self-Made CEO.

The series is a part of BCCP’s initiative to drive business driven insights  as they aim to sharpen your leadership skills. Through this two-hour talk, the participants get to find out what makes CEOs tick – a huge determining factor for a successful business.

The speaker, Mr. Michael Maranan, is one of the country’s celebrated business leader / social entrepreneur. During the talk, he shared his story on how he was able to trudge towards the path of financial freedom. It was anything but picture perfect as he says, but with his guiding motto: ” He Just Never Gave-Up”. 

” I’ve done enough things right to succeed, and I’ve done enough things wrong to become a very good teacher. ” are words that depict how he would summarize his journey from his humble beginnings in the farm at the young age of 8 to his present now, as he owns several successful businesses in the country. 

Mike is not really a stranger towards mentoring, it is his life’s passion. In recent years, Mike has already provided mentorship,through various opportunity assessments and capital access strategy sharing to aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs in the country as well as in Asia. He is also very passionate about supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and SMEs through innovative technology development and commercialization, that is why he is an active member of the country’s premier business mentorship program – Go Negosyo Mentor Me Program, where he voluntarily aids in the deliverance of business insights and guides his mentees in their entrepreneurial mindset.

A real inspiring talk that opened the hearts, eyes and ears of those who were able to attend it. If you were unable to join in the fun, check out his life story of success and entrepreneurship as it was featured by Korina Sanchez in Rated K last July 21, 2013, with the recent one last March 28, 2017 in My Puhunan TV show by Karen Davila.



With  over hundreds of Billionaires around the world, most of which have countless successful stories of how they made it big on their own. Actually hearing these self-made billionaires talk about the real work and the needed grit behind the success are all in one way or another a much needed lecture to help those of us who are thinking of pushing forward into entrepreneurship. 

And I think this is very important, since a lot of us today are exposed to some easy get rich schemes; life hacks as they call it — and these might just work, I’m not saying that it won’t but I guess, we need to be careful of the mentality it is giving some budding entrepreneurs out there — that it is easy, when in truth — it takes more than just a simple 1,2,3. 

Initiatives like these are a gift for all of us out there. Join and Follow them on their Social Media Accounts to know more.


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