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AI robot named ” Angelina” designed to imagine and create new Video games

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Michael Cook, a 30-year-old senior research fellow at the University of Falmouth has created an AI that can imagine new video games. The AI is called Angelina which stands for ” A Novel Game-Evolving Labrat I’ve Named Angelina”.

Since 2011, the AI named Angelina has already created experimental video games, and these games were even acclaimed in international making competition, and some of these works have already been featured in New York Gallery exhibit.

In the past,  algorithms an only create simple digital art. but because robots are becoming sophisticated they can now design new kinds of games, that not even humans are able to imagine. This means AI robots have the ability to create something new and are able to produce much cheaper games than humans.

AI robots continue to evolve, and because of this, they are already replacing humans in Facebook chat messengers. They can now speak different languages including Tagalog. IMARK International a company in the Philippines has launched AI Philippines literacy to coincide with the existence of their AI software.

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The AI Angelina will be the one designing and be dreaming new elements of games, this means they have computational creativity.  Angelina can make games using images from license free depositories, and it can also create new rules and characters that are lifted from online newspapers or social media. AI robots like Angelina can now create complex puzzle games and adventures. AI robots are learning how humans design video games and they take inspiration from them.  This, in turn, can unlock new game concepts that no human was able to come up with, robots can create new game genres. The AI can now brainstorm new ideas and blend them with human ideas creating novelty games and new surprises for human gamers.

Humans don’t have to worry or feel threatened by this, and in the future engineers are hoping that human game creators would be happy to share the credit of game creation and creative process with AI robots.

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