4 Great Reasons to Visit Davao City in the Philippines

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Davao City has gained undeniable notoriety and immediate fame after the rise of President Rodrigo Duterte, but apart from the famous politician who grew up in Davao City, there are still so many great reasons to visit and explore Davao City.

Davao as a Top Fruit Producer

If you by any chance want to try the different tropical fruits of Asia then visiting Davao City is a definite must. Davao is considered the food basket of the Philippines and blessed with some of the best fruits like Pomelo, Mangosteen, Lansones, Rambutan, Marang, and Durian. Davao City is the home of some of the biggest banana, mango and fruit plantations.

Davao Is Rich With Lush Vegetation and Natural Resources

Davao is the home of some of the best eco parks in Asia, upon visiting, guests can explore the Davao Crocodile Park and also get the chance to explore the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagas, Davao City.  Davao is the home of some of the biggest existing eagles in Asia with a wing length that could rich up to 7 feet.

(c) Philippine Eagle Center

3. Diving Expeditions

For travelers who are looking for some extra fun and physical activities, the city of Davao offers some of the best Diving spots in the world.  A number of diving spots can be explored in Samal and Talikud Islands in Davao City.

4. Great Dishes and Local Cuisine

With fresh seafood and a variety of local dishes to choose from, Davao City is a guaranteed gastronomic feast like no other. Taste the best and freshest produce in Asia and have a meaningful stay.

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